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Award-winning author Don Roff has written nearly 20 books, primarily of a scary nature, for children and adults.

His bestselling books include Werewolf Tales, Terrifying Tales, Ghost Hauntings: America’s Most Haunted Places, Zombies: A Record of the Year of Infection, and Snowblind (currently in pre-production for an adapted film). His darkly humorous books, Clare at Sixteen and Clare at Seventeen, are available on Amazon; the adapted film, Saint Clare, starring Bella Thorne as the eponymous Clare, and Ryan Phillippe, Frank Whaley, and Rebecca De Mornay, will be released theatrically in 2023. His book, Usher House Rising, a modern series retelling of Edgar Allan Poe’s short tale, The Fall of the House of Usher, will be available on February 14, 2023. He has won several awards for his screenwriting, including the 2006 PNWA Zola Award for Screenwriting.

His darkly humorous and suspenseful radio anthology, R.L. Stine's Story Club: Ivy's Chilling Tales, is enjoyed by millions of young listeners--and is available wherever you get your podcasts!

Roff served in the 3rd Ranger Battalion in Fort Benning, Georgia.


Also visit Don on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook -- and buy his books on Amazon.

“Nothing's a better cure for writer's block than to eat ice cream right out of the carton.”
― Don Roff

“I've found the best way to revise your own work is to pretend that somebody else wrote it and then to rip the living shit out of it.”
― Don Roff

“Always mystify, torture, mislead, and surprise the audience as much as possible.”
― Don Roff

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