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Death From S–Z: Serial Killers and Zombie Women

Ryan and Autumn, my daughter

I have to give a shout out for my friend, Ryan Hobson. He has illustrated all five of my books (the fifth one coming out this autumn), along with a number of projects that I have edited. Ryan spends most of his day drawing dinosaurs, zoo animals, and unicorns for a Seattle-based book producer. But, like most of the people whom I call friends, there is always more than meets the eye.

Ryan Hobson at his Nagelnomicon opening at No Space Gallery.

Ryan has recently gotten attention for his Serial Killer Trivia Game and his Nagelnomicon site is finally online as L'eggo My Nagel. (Note: It has since been removed.)

Ryan Hobson and his SKTG

The Serial Killer Trivia Game has been in the making ever since I met Ryan three years ago. He has spent years conceiving this game, drawing it, and building prototypes. His hard work has finally paid off, at least in recognition, and not without a few death threats. It’s my opinion that if you create art that annoys people, you’re on the right path. If you create art that elicits death threats—you’re golden!

Nagelnomicon, Ryan’s art exhibit, premiered at Seattle’s No Space art gallery in 2006. It is a riff on the work of 1980’s pop artist Patrick Nagel, most famous for the Duran Duran album cover, Rio.

Ryan readies for the Nagelnomicon opening.

Frank M. Young, Michelle Taylor, and Ryan Hobson at the No Space Gallery

Ryan pins his own brand of Nagel to Autumn's jacket.

Autumn marvels at the Nagel written in "candy."

Since I’ve met him, Ryan has always proved to be a source of inspiration, artistic encouragement, and enjoyable collaboration.

Ryan Hobson and Don Roff

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